Why Light Gauge Steel - Sustainability

85% Of Steel Is Recyclable

85% of the steel produced by Howick FRAMA machines is recyclable at the end of a building cycle

Metal recycling is a globally established and competitive industry. In the UK, the metal recycling sector is worth more than $5.6 billion and supplies manufacturers with environmentally friendly material all around the world1.

Steel is the worlds most recycled material, having the ability to be recycled infinitely with no degradation. Studies have shown that around 85%2 of steel is recyclable at the end of a building cycle. Each year, more than 500 million tonnes of steel is recycled worldwide – this equates to 180 Eiffel towers every day.

A minimal amount of waste gets generated when using light gauge steel.  A further study3 has shown that light gauge steel framing contains a minimum of 25% recycled steel. This again highlights that light gauge steel is more environmentally friendly than other more traditional methods of building.


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