Why Light Gauge Steel - Sustainability

Lower Environmental Impacts

The environmental impacts of using steel are significantly lower than using timber in construction

Offsite construction leads to less material waste. At the factory, manufacturing processes are designed to minimise waste and any materials not used are recycled for the next project.

It has been proven that less material waste gets generated when using modern forms of building compared to other traditional methods of construction1. Less onsite traffic and manufacturing defects mean that modern construction materials, such as light gauge steel, are more environmentally friendly. The transfer of materials to the construction site also results in a reduction of traffic flows to and from the building site, ultimately decreasing pollution.

If built with timber, one 2000 square foot house is equal to that of 40 or 50 trees (approximately 1 acre). However, if the same house is built with steel, it is equivalent to around 6 scrapped cars highlighting that the environmental impacts are significantly lower when using steel2.


1 What is Modular Construction?

2  Cold-Formed Steel Framing 


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