Why Light Gauge Steel - Performance

Withstanding the Toughest Conditions

Light gauge steel framing produced by Howick technology has exceptional performance in withstanding even the toughest of conditions

Light gauge steel has excellent performance with the ability to withstand extremely tough conditions. One of the performance advantages is that rain does not halt the construction process1.  As moisture is unable to be absorbed by the steel, you do not have to wait for the frames to dry. When building with light gauge steel, the construction is not as weather dependent as it would be using other materials.

With the ability to withstand temperatures up to 1000 degrees Celsius, steel framing is also extremely fire resistant2. Light gauge steel can bend without breaking, resulting in it being capable of handling 150 miles per hour winds3. Additionally, light gauge steel is designed to withstand up to a category nine earthquake on the Richter scale4. These factors all make light gauge steel an extremely safe choice for building.


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