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Amr Raafat, Vice President of VDC and Technology for Windover Construction, discusses the seismic change technology is having on construction.


When you can make cost and time savings of 70%, it is going to make any construction company sit up and take notice.

The future of construction is already here and hard at work in Boston Massachusetts, USA. Windover Construction is a construction management company that has embraced new technologies.

When Amr talks about their IDEA program (Innovations for Design, Engineering and Automation ™) it sounds like a sci-fi movie plot – with lasers, drones and robots but this is his world of construction. Digital data gathering techniques that give him unprecedented advantages. The ability to manage the construction process and find solutions before they become problems.

In this article, he explains how digital foresight allowed him to use Howick’s telescopic stud technology to renovate a 100-year-old building with various ceiling heights. A curveball they were able to circumvent, saving them huge amounts of time.

He also outlines how mixed reality technologies are no longer just a vehicle for design visualisation but are now an integral part of their project planning.

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Savings of 70% sound like a story from another world but it is a reality that is here and now. To find out how you can exploit new technologies for your business get in touch now. Find out more about Howick’s telescopic stud technology here.

April 2021   #News