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Leading Australian construction company Uniplan Group is attracted to those who love to dream big and create something special.

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This company, which specialises in factory-built modular homes, thrives on finding new products and innovations. Its staff and clients embrace the focus on continuously looking for new designs, methods and processes. It is little wonder a Uniplan core value is “innovate to grow.”

Innovative and efficient are two adjectives that fit this company well. How efficient? Uniplan boasts an in-factory building process that is so streamlined, it cuts new home build times down to a third of those built on site. They have even been known to build a complete home in only two days!

Foresight from the beginning

It is with innovation that growth comes, say Ben, Howard and William Scott, who founded the company back in 1999. They know plenty about growth – the company now employs more than 130 staff. Over the last 10 years Uniplan has enjoyed a year-on-year average annual growth of more than 15 percent.

This respected company is on track to continue its “enthusiastic appetite for creativity well into the future” thanks to its great team, coupled with excellent financial stability, top-notch product, well-developed systems, and solid working relationships.

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Uniplan Group founders
Ben, Howard and William Scott 

Uniplan’s mission and vision includes the statement that clients should look to them as innovators with whom they wish to partner for their own success. “It is that level of smart that makes our customers, suppliers and partners want to be associated with us.”  Howick is one such partner, happy to do business with Uniplan.

The company sees themselves a role model in their field of expertise, to provide for the local community, to elevate employees and “create lasting relationships in a hardworking, family spirit of the highest ethics.”

Business today

“Humans do business with people they know, like and trust… we’re those people,” is what they say at Uniplan.

Making things easy for customers is what puts a big chunk of fun into a working day at Uniplan. Innovative and efficient, yes, but this company also excels at customer care.

The team love nothing more than showing clients how easy it is to build a new home. A big part of the attraction of a Uniplan modular home is that so much is transported to site, already done. Separate modules with all the internal finishes and fittings are built in the factory . The only work onsite involves connecting the modules together, finishing the external works and connecting services. Easy, clean, speedy, cost effective, and not weather dependent.

Homes, granny flats, cabins and transportable homes - Uniplan does them all.

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Howick connection

In early 2021 Uniplan welcomed the super-smart Howick FRAMA™ 3200 into their factory. The go-to Howick frame and truss workhorse now contributes to overall efficiency with framing automation enhancing their manufacturing process.

What do their clients say?

The Uniplan team strives to add value to their clients’ lives and/or business and want clients to come away feeling enriched. Their focus on customer service is well and truly rewarded by the testimonials they receive from their customers. The accolades are many and “exemplary” is an oft-mentioned adjective.

Customers feel they have made friends with their Uniplan people and that nothing is too much trouble - so much so that customers have been known to say they feel they were treated like royalty! One customer has a tale to tell of the day she was shovelling dirt on site, striving to meet a council deadline, and a Uniplan team member downed his tools (his iPad!) to help. That was customer service beyond the call of duty. She says she was “more than impressed” but in hindsight, perhaps not that surprised as every aspect of the Uniplan service was “exceptional”.

The ease of building a home the Uniplan manufactured way is repeatedly mentioned. Customers find the process easy and worry-free as they avoid so many issues associated with building onsite – like weather hold-ups and tradies and product delays. Also appreciated by customers is there are no runaway or unexpected costs, a common stress in new builds.

True to their values

It is just possible that much of Uniplan’s success is due to the way they live and breathe their company values. The management team places great emphasis on hiring people who fit the culture and are happy to do whatever is necessary to get things right for their customers. For Uniplan, their company values are not just words, they are a way of life.

Because staff are aligned with the company culture, Uniplan can continue to develop the enthusiasm and excitement that got the company to where it is today. The future is looking bright.

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November 2021   #Features