TIN Member Spotlight on Howick


It appears those who collate information on New Zealand’s technology sector know to keep an eye on Howick. 

Howick’s success had been recognised and awarded numerous times over the past decade by TIN (Technology Investment Network, the leading independent source of information on NZ’s technology sector) … and it has just happened again. 

The TIN team recently caught up with Howick CEO Nick Coubray to check what is happening for Howick on the innovation and global demand front in the construction world. The topic of Howick’s practical use of Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality technology to help serve international customers during COVID-19 lockdowns was raised along with detailing some long-term high value strategy goals needed in order to thrive under this new world order. Perhaps however the most pertinent question asked during the interview was whether Howick had found even more innovative ways to help businesses function while facing pandemic-induced challenges. 

The answer is “yes”. Check out this article to read about Howick’s latest technology and strategy, and how they are poised to help the growing number of companies taking the manufacturing of structural components in-house. 



November 2021   #News