The Case for Light Gauge Steel: WASTE - Up to 70% Waste Reduction

Howick - Waste reduction THROUGH offsite CONSTRUCTION


 ...using light gauge steel roll forming technology from Howick FRAMA machines...


Offsite modular construction is an affordable and efficient alternative to traditional construction and is proving to also be the most sustainable construction option, keeping tons of waste out of landfills all over the world.

Units are manufactured and assembled in a controlled environment, significantly reducing material waste associated with poor weather conditions. Once the units are up to 90% complete offsite, they are delivered to the building site. Reducing the work performed onsite significantly limits construction waste that may be generated on the project site where it often is difficult to gather, retain, protect and re-purpose building materials. Studies* have shown that volumetric offsite construction can reduce waste by 70% or higher.

Excess materials from one project can be re-purposed or recycled instead of being discarded at the end of a project, as they may be on a conventional construction site. Up to 85% of steel is recyclable.




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